Beetles on Asparagus/ Yard Long Beans

bleak001(z10 CA)August 4, 2005

My yard long beans are about 6 foot tall now, and a couple of the stalks are covered in dozens of tightly-packed tiny black beetles. They don't move much when I shake the stalk, but the stalk around where they are is darkening. How should I deal with these guys? I'm trying to grow organically. As a new gardener, I made a fatal mistake of planting cucumber and yard-long beans in one little patch, so everything is a bit cramped. The beans are right up against the cucumbers, which are doing very well.

Help! Any ideas? Do I need to post a picture? Thanks. Julia

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Post your pic and link to it with a new thread at the
Pest Forum to get it identified:

Then hop on over to the Organic Forum:
and refer to the identified pest with the thread at the Pest forum so they can provide you with solutions.

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bleak001(z10 CA)

Ok, here is a link to my beetles (or aphids). Unfortunately, I sized it too small and can't figure out a way to post a bigger one other than starting a new discussion thread, which I'm trying to avoid doing.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Aphids and probably ants that farm the aphids. :-(

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