Where to buy 5 gallon palo verde and mesquite

enderwiggin30February 24, 2013

Any nurseries or places to buy 5 gallon blue palo verde or velvet mesquite in Phoenix.

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My gut feel came true. One of the acacia salicinas came down in the windy weather today. I guess it shows you that you cannot buy a huge tree and make it work. Once the main stick that holds the tree snapped, the tree just fell down under wind.

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Whitfill nursery

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Call around, starting NOW, because they will sell out quickly.

I usually get them from Baker's in central ph0oenix and have seen them at Home Depot, Walmart and Summer Winds(?) (Tatum north of Bell, across from that nursery which must not be named)

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I got all five of my huge trees from moon valley nurseries "it who must not be named". After seeing that I do a better job digging hole and planting trees and seeing that all five trees died, I will put up the 5 gallon trees and see if it works for me. I will keep you posted.

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