need advice and help with my Murraya Koenigii (curry leaf plants)

MurrayaKoenigiiHelpSeptember 23, 2012

Hell everyone,

My parents recently went on holiday and i was told to water her curry leaf plants. but i totally forgot and have killed them.

to save myself from mother wrath:-) i have bought some seeds and planted them after doing some reading.

some of the seeds have sprouted and now i do not know what to do. what i would like to know is:

is the size of the pots (tray) big enough?

when do i transfer to bigger pots?

how big do the pots need to be?

how often do i need to switch to bigger pots and how big do they need to get so i can stop switching pots?

how shall i maintain them? (soil, drainage, fertilizer, temperature, lighting, heat etc)

any other advice from everybody's vast experience would be appreciated.

thank you all very very much in advance. any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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pic 2

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where u bought these seeds?
i am looking for some seeds.
Please email :

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