Looking for Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)

Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZFebruary 14, 2014

Anyone know where I can buy plants locally?

I bought some seeds online a couple months ago and was able to sprout a few of them, but would like some more. I know they do pretty well here.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

I've grown them several times here and they really thrive, and are quite ornamental too. As I'm sure you know, but someone reading along might not, the red calyx that forms is what's used in "hibiscus tea" and other yummy culinary treats (I always thought it was the flowers or petals until I grew it and then googled on how to make the tea, lol).

Baker Nursery usually has young plants in spring. I've seen them there the last four or five years. They might be worth calling.

Just for fun, here's a pic of some of the calyces from a couple of seasons ago from my plant. I did buy the original at Baker too. Happy gardening--let us know if/when/where you find some!

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

thanks grant! I'll go check Baker's tomorrow for them.

And yes that's the reason why I'm growing them :)

Do they die back in the winter time and reseed for the following season or do they stay alive year after year?

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They are so easy to grow from seed, but then if you can find plants that might be the cheapest way. Two or three plants should supply all you can use fresh. I freeze them and use them every day till I run out. My plants die in January, and I need to plant them every spring. The variety I have do not have the open mouths to the calyces like the ones I have seen in most photos and in a local market. The calyces mouths are less open. I am getting ready to send out seeds soon. Send me an email if you are interested.

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

What type of a location do these plants grow best in (full sun or afternoon shade etc)? Any tips? I have some seeds and thought that I would give them a try.

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

full sun, just like any hibiscus. The more sun the better

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Yup, full amazing hot sun keeps them happy for sure. Mine have always acted like annuals, really shutting down in winter. Quick and easy from seed for sure.

I really didn't know what to do with all of those calyces (the parts you keep), lol. Shuffles, do you remove the actual seed capsule and just keep the outer part? Or what? I really should learn how to use them better, LOL.

Raimeiken, did you find some? I hope so.

Happy gardening all,

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Greetings Folks,

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www.aimelody.com (Herbalist Section)

One Blessed Love

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