Another new bloom, from Ann's/Cindee's seeds

haxuan(Vietnam)March 2, 2011

This bulb bloomed last season, but I wasn't there to take photos.

So, this year I had to take the bulb (with developing scapes) along with me as I travelled between my two homes so that I wouldn't miss seeing the blooms again.

Could someone suggest a hint of ID? Many thanks.


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Xuan - Do you remember if Ann or Cindee told you if the seeds were from crosses? If so, they won't have a name. I remember when they sent you these seeds - boy, does time fly fast.

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paxfleur: I remember most of the seeds they sent me were crosses. Ann even sent a long list of the crosses she made, too.

Yes, time does fly very fast. These bulbs are now more than 3 years old already.

Thanks for your interest in my blooms.


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They're beautiful :)

I have no idea what the parents could be but I see some 'Exotica' influence possibly!!!

Good Luck,
They're beautiful!

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Please post a picture when the flower is open completely..the veining is exquisite and the color is bright and cheerful! I love it!! I have some Exotica crosses that I made and I'm hoping that they look like this. My Exotica crosses are quite vigorous and I have great hopes for them. Might yours be an Exotica cross? :-) I remember some of your lovely peachy crosses from last're doing a great job bringing all your seeds to flower.!!


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Josh, yes, I also think the bloom has some "Exotica" influence.

Donna... thanks. Here are two more photos of the bloom. I hope you will be able to detect something interesting.

For this season so far, I have the plant above and these below blooming. They have all been grown from seeds. Roughly they took around 2.5 years to bloom.


Oh, by the way, my name is pronounced as "s-w-a-n"... the letter "X" in Vietnamese is like "S" in English, but more lax :-)

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I wanted to comment earlier but you know crazy GW. I agree with those who have already chimed in about Exotica heritage. I love the colors of the bloom but am uncertain if it a more orange color or a pink color. If it is orange maybe the other parent was an Orange Sovereign but if the color is more pink maybe the parent was a solid dark pink hybrid. I absolutely love seeing these blooms it keeps me motivated for my own crosses. :)


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AJ: I think the color is more of orange, so perhaps your suggestion is correct. I like it. I'll check Ann's list again to see if she has made this cross.

Thank you.


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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

(((Xuan))) and friends. My dear I could not find any info on just what crosses I made that year. I did show you the pinks I believe were possibly part of the 2 last photos. The first definitely belongs to Ann since I have a very similar bloomer to yours that came from Ann. I do believe it is Exotica parentage. I will post a photo when it blooms.

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Thanks, Cindee. I also think this cross came from Ann. Yours is possibly the red one, in my other post.


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Dear Xuan,

If we called you Swan, would you be when I see how your name is pronounced I think of the beautiful graceful swan and I'm sure that description fits you also :-)

When I answered your other post, I hadn't seen that you had posted more pictures of your beautiful creamy orange with the lighter bottom you don't have to answer my question..I do love all your seedlings and can't wait until mine show some look at them for a couple of years all leaves and than one day you see that precious bud..can't wait..I too have a few Exotica crosses that I made and now I'm really excited about them..thanks to your crosses..this one and also the ones you showed last year..


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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

hello again, I found a photo of Ann's seed it to yours, Xuan.
From Amaryllis 2008-09

The photo is in full face sun. I will take more shots this year. It should be opening again soon.

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Noni Morrison

I think you have some real winners there from the seed crosses! Even though I know I can't share yours it makes me want to go out and cross breed like crazy! I am still waiting for my first seedlings from 3 years ago, but I am pretty sure I will need to wait another year. They have NOT had optimal growing conditions, though they are growing much better now that I have the greenhouse sort of figured out. I am hoping that only the tough survive, actually.

Congratulations on what your are achieving! And thank you for sharing the beauty with us!

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Cindee, your photo looks very much like those in my first post. I'm very happy with it.

Donna: actually, when I attended school in Australia, my tutors all called me Swan, it's very close to how my name is said in Vietnamese.

I'm so eager to see photos of your crosses. Please do share photos when they open.

Lizalily: I'm also making crosses like crazy these days. My plants make pups too, so I can have same kind of plants that way.

But waiting three years to see how a cross come out is much more thrilling!

All the best to your crosses.


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