What flowers can I plant now for spring/early summer?

tracydr(9b)February 23, 2014

What flowers can I plant in fairly deep shade right now for spring/summer flowers? I need to pretty up my place because it's going on the market. I'd prefer things with a tropical feel if possible since they are going around the pool. In this area, I also need some large bushes or plants. I have a huge plantar to fill in shade around the pool. The soil there is heavy clay with only a little improvement and is irrigated.
I have some established plantings plus some salvias. I may just go with more salvias, if I can find a place that sells 8 packs or flats.
I have a blue rose, some blue and red salvias, a wild-type hibiscus and some bulbs. I'm not even sure what kind of bulbs as I planted them a couple of years ago. I know I have some small white lilies ( Lily of the valley?), some canna and another very large bulb plant which has big,yellow flowers and spreads like crazy. Also, some iris. I have a huge hyacinth bean growing all the way up an old, large Mexican palm. The area is skirted by giant pine trees, African sumacs and a few palms. ( I know, weird combination, planted before I moved here, probably in the 80's sometime.
I also have a planter in the sunny, non-irrigated front yard that needs some small bushes or something. The planter is narrow and alongside the driveway so nothing big like oleanders. I was thinking lavenders, hibiscus or some sort of desert bush like autumn sage. Front yard has a bunch of huge palm trees, some new, small hibiscus, a lavender and large rosemary. Also, an artichoke.
Btw, house is 3,000 square feet, with five bedrooms, three baths, newly remodeled and has 1/2 acre, irrigated. Huge, huge pine trees and a sunny area with four 16x8 organic veggie gardens.
Also has a large diving pool. It's at the end of a cul de sac on a quiet street in an older neighborhood of Mesa.

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