snow pea shoots too tough

allen11(z5 MA)September 23, 2006

Late last summer I planted some snow pea shoots and by the time they were 12"+ the shoots were tough tough tough...inedible; so I didn't even bother this year. Any ideas why? They were in good soil, partial sun and matured in Sept. Do they have to be harvested when small?

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We plant Oregon Sugar Pod for both pods and shoots. The only parts of the vine worth eating are the very tips. You can use the size of the leaves as a guide, I believe. If the leaf has reached full size - you don't want it. The tips may include blossoms and that's fine.

We are harvesting shoots now from replanting after the Spring peas were pulled out in mid-Summer. These vines won't have time to develop pods and are only a couple of feet high so don't need trellising.

Many of these tasty tendrils are only 6 or 8 inches long. You may wish to chop them, especially if they are longer. I like 'em (taste just like peas ;o) but they are just a bit "stringy".


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micropropagator(zone5 S Indiana)

My snow pea pods are always getting away from me and tough. I like the edible round pods better and like 'Sugar Sprint' because they need longer to get tough and are open pollen so I can save my own seed. They cost more than some cultivars, but now I grow my own seed.
I mostly cook garden stew using whatever I have in garden and each year growing more of what I like and less of the worst things. I hear growing peas in the shade during hot summer has some merit--I hope to try that in 2007.

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wenderina(9 Berkeley, CA)

the original post was in September 2006. I'm wondering if anyone has discovered a certain cultivar of snow peas that yield tender leaves for stir frying? I love them as an alternative to stir frying other greens such as spinach and bok choi. Thanks in advance for any info or updates anyone can provide.

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I use the top 4" of sugar snap peas for stir fries, and they are very tender and delish.

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