Pandanus amaryllifolius

RocketGreensSeptember 23, 2012

Hello everyone :) I just harvested my first batch of pandan leaves from my 2 year old plant and wanted to share my pictures with ya'll. Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant favored in southeast asia for its fragrant (very fragrant) leaves. It's mainly used in cooking. After picking the leaves, I rinsed very well and threw them in the blender to extract the juices. As a result, very delicious pandan custard...yum! For those who are trying to grow them, I find that using seaweed extract and fish emulsifiers to fertilize makes a BIG difference! My plant has doubled in size and is now about 4 ft tall. Good luck to all new pandan plant owners out there :) These plants are very rewarding and worth growing.

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Thanks for sharing. I love it with Agar Agar jelly.

Where were you able to find the plant?

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You are very welcome nca270 :) I recieved a cutting from a friend a while back in Florida. Thank you for sharing the agar agar jelly idea...maybe my next mission :) Happy gardening!

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Can you trade or buy a shoot from you? I've been looking for this plant for a long time.

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baker creek heirloom seeds now sells tissue cultured plants.

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