Growing Loquat?

mulleniumFebruary 15, 2011

Can Loquats take the direct summer sun here in AZ?

I live in maricopa and just purchased a 5gal grafted gold nugget loquat.. im trying to decide where to put it.. my back yard has no shade really, the only thing is the brick retaining wall on the west side which would shade from the late late afternoon sun. or maybe it would be better off planted on the east side of my house only receiving about 3-4hrs sun a day, but don't loquat's roots become pretty invasive on foundations and such?

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There is a loquat growing in the front yard of a home in central phoenix, full sun all day. Should do okay but you might want to shade it from the intense heat til it gets established. Good luck with it.

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I had one in full sun for two years in a 15 gallon pot. It did fine until my wife sprayed the roots coming out the side holes with weed killer.

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Ive got big trees in pots in full sun. They will acclimate

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I wish phxplantaddict and turtleman49 were closer to where I live. I really want a big loquat but both of them are a little to far from me to go. There are one or two nurseries not far from here that carry loquats but their prices are three to four times higher.

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yeah i ended up getting mine from the tropicamango, using their half off groupon i ended up paying 40 for a 5 gallon gold nugget var.

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the regular price was 55

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i made a post on phxtropicals and he says that it wont survive in full sun, and it will do better with afternoon shade.. being that i dont really have anything big enough to provide shade, other than my brick retaining wall he suggested the east side of my house would be the ideal location to plant it.. the spot only gets 3-4 hours of direct sunlight per day.. probably closer to 3 hours than a full 4 hours

what do you guys think? will 3-4 hours not be enough sun to fruit?

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mullenium, for the most part all fruit trees need more hours of direct sunlight than that to fruit. It might survive there but I would not expect it to fruit. My Golden Nugget Loquat did just fine in full sun and it was not even in the ground. I would put it in a sunny spot and put it in the ground now. I would be surprised if it did not grow and thrive.

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i ended up planting it on the north east side of my house.. the northern part of the east side is still protected by late afternoon sun, and its close enough to the edge that eventually as it grows it will grow higher than the roof and grow wider into full sun, but the trunk will always remain p rotected from the afternoon sun..

its only about 4ft away from my guava and dragonfruit, which are both planted along the wall of my house on that same side, but I dont think they will mind such a cramped space, heck.. in the wild things grow without regard to space anyway right?

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i guess its a good experiment, because eventually it will get big enough to branch out into full sun exposure

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euqruob(Phoenix, AZ)

I have a corner in my front yard that only gets semi direct sun in the morning (big pine tree in neighbor's yard), but no direct sun for the afternoon. Been trying to find something for this spot, Loquat or Citron?

I hate having a bare space.

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I have finally found my loquat tree, at Lowe's. Big Jim. Price was okay, but really wanted one a bit bigger and was prepared to pay more. I am happy with what I got tho, and sure costs less than running around to so many nurseries, all of which told me loquats do not grow here, that is, if they even knew what a loquat was!

I planted it on the west side of my house in Maricopa, where there is little shade, but put in three stakes on the sunnyside and shade cloth to give shade for the hot summer sun, so it gets morning sun now.

It was doing well until yesterday, and the youngest leaves have blackened edging, only on the center branches leaves, so I am worried. Looks like burn from the wind, but I am not sure. I also planted a Palo Verde desert Museum fairly close, to give it filtered shade one day.

Would anyone know why my loquat leaves so suddenly turned black along he edges? Not all leaves, just the center very young soft leaves.


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