President Johnson x Appleblossom

ninecrow(England)March 18, 2011

Anybody tried this Cross?

I have but the Pollen is OLD.... I have one pod growing but I don't know if it'll be any good

Thoughts Please on using OLD pollen


Did You know that an Amaryllis/Hippeastrum if looked after can produce flowers for 75 Years

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I'm not sure about the question but wow, them surviving that long is amazing! Do you have the article that you read so I can read it as well ;)

I know that if they're properly takin' care of they can live indefinitely through offsets but I've never read anything about a single bulb! I've read where some think they have a short life but there are some original species bulbs in the Doran collection that are well over 50 years old!


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Josh it was in one of Dad's RHS Mags....

I'll see if I can get Him to find and scan it the next time I'm over...

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That sounds like a lot of trouble but I'd love to read it ;) I knew they were a lot longer lived than people give them credit for! That's so exciting to think I can be growing the same bulbs for that period of time!!!!!!


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I have bulbs which have never offset and are over twenty five years old.I grew them from seed.A neighbor in her seventies grew a Rabbitsfoot fern and a red Hippeastrum together for over fourty years on her porch.

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