who can give me some sticky corn seeds?

preppystudSeptember 8, 2009

the corns they sell at the markets are too watery, i like to eat those corns that taste like sticky rice. who has those seeds? can you give me some? thanks. ;)

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I hope to have seed of both a yellow and black variety. It is exceedingly difficult to come by this seed here in the US for some reason. I posted last winter about this, and someone was kind enough to share a bit of it with me from two packets they had brought back from Asia. Our weather has been extremely cold here, and all of my corn is late, but it seems like it will make it and mature the seed.

If it works out, I'll be glad to send you some of each. I should know by the first of October. E-mail me by clicking on my user name.

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I finally did a late planting of the black sticky corn this year. It is a total disppointment! I think the seeds were not right. The cob is too large, about the size of a field corn. It is bright purple in color at fresh corn stage. The taste and texture are awful. The black sticky corn I saw in China are about 3/4 size of a field corn and are black or deep purple in color. I'll not recommend saving seeds from this corn.

The yellow sticky corn in my garden did wonderful again. We ate all we could and froze a few too. This corn froze nicely after being fully cooked on the cob.

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Where did you get the seeds for the yellow sticky corn? Do you not have any problems with raccoons, etc?

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