Rare Purple Guava Tree Propagation

toucan(9)February 9, 2012

I have a rare purple guava tree that gets large delicious purple guavas. Does anyone know how to propagate them. Willing to share if successful.

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the seeds are supposed to be really easy to grow.

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Guavas are not true to seed -- in other words, guavas are unreliable in terms of fruit quality when grown from seed.

Look up "air layering" -- that's the easiest way to propagate guava.

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

How big is your guava tree? and has it ever died back from a freeze?

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contact me at the nursery, I'll propagate them for you

Here is a link that might be useful: RSI Growers

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I am interested to know if you have had success in propagating the purple guava. I would love to purchase one from you if so.

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I haven't even tried yet. I've been busy. I just thought about it again today. I'll have to look up how to air layer. I think RSI Growers are in Phoenix and would love to have you propagate it for me, but this is at my other house in the ground in CA. I want to propagate to bring it over.

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nimbley(zone 9)

I have had luck with my pink and white guavas by taking a cutting about as big around as your little finger and place it in a bag of dirt. Cut the cutting to a v at the bottom and remove all the lower foliage. Dip the end in rooting hormone and place it in a garbage bag with potting soil. Wet the dirt and tie the bag up around the cutting. It takes a few weeks and the cutting may or may not drop its leaves but I get about 75% of them to root like this. It works better in the spring and fall when its warm enough to place in the sun to keep the dirt warm but the summer will get way to hot and cook it. Be sure the dirt stays warm and moist.

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