Will my Sissoo survive?

greendesertFebruary 3, 2011

will my sissoo tree survive? I'll be so devastated if it doesn't. It looks pretty bad right now. The top 2 thirds of leaves got killed by the last frost and I'm afraid this nasty one got what was left. The tree is about 2-3 years old, 20 or so ft tall and the trunk is about 5-6 inches in diameter. I've seen older sissoos survive pretty cold weather, but I don't know how this one will do. The only thing I did was that I sprayed it with water a couple of times before going to bed and once in the morning. I was hoping it would help it some. I noticed that the temperature around the tree dropped considerably after spraying with water, but I think that's still supposed to help. My thermometer went as low as 23 degrees I believe

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I had a few that age during the big freeze of 2007. They looked the same way and came back once it warmed up. Don't cut off the dead stuff yet...and stop watering it ;) It helps a bit if you hose down the area *before* the freeze. I think you are just making it cold now. Hang tight and you'd be surprised what growth comes out once it heats up in the spring.

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Well according to this link:

it says that spraying water on the tree during freezing weather actually protects it from the cold. While the temperature around the tree might drop because of evaporation, and freezing, A thin layer of ice forms that basically keeps the temperature on the inside of it from dropping below 32 degrees. So I understand that doing this is should be good for it.
I think my tree will be ok. I can't wait to see the new growth once it warms up. Heck, I can't wait for it to warm up. I'm so ready for 90 degrees.

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Do not take this the wrong way, I just hope mine will die so I can plant a good tree. I pruned my Sissoo before the winter and now it looks like every leaf is going to come off. It is so messy and has a terrible shape that I would love to plant something different. My neighbors love the shade and my wife will not let me take out another tree (took out an ash because it was taking the nutrients from my roses).

I hate to say it but they are going to survive and we will be cleaning up leaves year around for a long time.

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Yay... mine survived and it's doing great. What's that thing about cleaning leaves? Sheesh... why would one complain about Sissoo being messy. I mean honestly it's one of the least messy evergreens I could think of. So it lost its leaves because of the freeze, big deal, it's going to be green again, and I just don't think it's that bad. Certainly not as bad as African sumacs.

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crista(Sunset 13)

I'm with you greendesert. I have four sissoos and really like them. The leaf drop depends on how cold the winter is --- there have been winters with very little leaf drop compared to this winter.

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