Wax Jambu -- Black Pearl

toucan(9)February 19, 2012

Anyone growing Wax Jambu successfully here in Phoenix? Can you tell me more about growing it here or is it a futile effort. I don't have a greenhouse.

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What is wax jambu?

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I would be interested to know as well. My girlfriend is from Hawaii where these are called Mountain Apples. She says they are delicious so I would love to grow one if possible.

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I got an answer from someone on Ebay who was selling it and he said it would be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. But, I'm not always deterred by the impossible. If anyone is successful growing let me know.

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I just received a Wax Jambu tree (Not Black Pearl) and need to know if it can stand full sun in Phoenix, AZ. I understand it will need help through any cold days in winter but can I plant it in full Phoenix sun.

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Unfortunately, from what I'm told by one growers is that it is very difficult to grow Wax Jambu successfully in Phoenix with our temp extremes.

Another grower says "Some of my customers do able to grow the wax jambu by the wall of the house (north & east side), close to other trees and under shade cloths."

If you tried, definitely give it afternoon shade and put it in a greenhouse in the winter if you have one. I really would like to grow it, so if you are or are not successful, please keep us updated.

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Container grow is best. Bring on a covered pation in winter, below 40ish. full sun fall and spring morning or filtered sun in summer.

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Phxplantaddict - Do you have a Wax Jambu. I think I've seen in other threads that you have lots of tropicals. If so, what's your experience with them. Very interested in knowing if it really can be done.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

If you are talking about Mountain apple, one came with my old house on the windward side of Oahu. A bit of Rain every day , volcanic clay soil, at sea level. 85 was hot. 72 was cold. I never did nothing but keep the vines off of it, eat the fruit, and dig under a lot of fruit into the compost pile. The fruit only lasts a couple of days. the skin is thin and bruises easily. The fruit flies LOVE it. It makes a glorious cabinet wood. Good luck.

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