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esoesoyFebruary 20, 2009

We moved to AZ (Chandler/Queen Creek area) in December. Our house has a LARGE bed of granite in the back and a smaller amount out front.

Yesterday I noticed weeds sprouting everywhere. I was planning to apply a pre-emergent but I guess I missed the timing for that in this region.

I'm wondering how effective a weed torch will be at killing weeds here? They're all young/small at this point so I'm sure I can fry the little buggers with little effort. But since this doesn't kill the roots, are they likely to emerge again in a few weeks?

I prefer not to use chemicals, but if that's the most effective in this moderate climate I'll grudgingly resort to it.

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I agree, hate to use chemicals when I don't have to, but if you've got nothing growing in the gravel beds, you'd be better off using a triox sort of chemical, will prevent anything from growing there for up to a year. Just don't want to use it under trees or around existing shrubs. A roundup type weed killer will work, but you'll have to reapply every time a new weed sprouts. The triox vegetation killer will prevent new weeds from forming. If you do chose the chemical route, at least one application is better than doing multiple applications.


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thanks for the reply phoenixryan. I don't know much about triox. I've only ever used roundup to kill weeds in the past.

There are some established plants and trees in the granite beds. How close to these can I safely apply triox without hurting existing plants? The other concern I have with chemical is that kids and dogs play in this stuff all the time. The kids (generally) keep the granite out of their mouths, but on more than one occasion our lab has been spotted chewing on a rock. Is triox dangerous to humans and pets?

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Not sure about the toxicity to pets and kids, you would have to read the label. I imagine its much like Roundup, and best for kids/pets to avoid until its dried. Once its considered "rain proof" you could probably hose off the area and wash it off the rocks and down further into the soil. Please read the label and follow all instructions completely!!

As for its use, its safe to use it up to the drip-line of a tree or shrub. If you were to hang a string on the outermost edge of the branches of a tree or shrub, where the string would touch the ground is where the drip line is.

Triox is the Ortho brand product, and I know Spectracide makes one too, I think Home Depot carries both.

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Do not use TRIOX unless you are willing to kill EVERYTHING that has roots within 3 or more feet from where you spray it. It spreads.

Roundup (glysophate) on the weeds will kill them in a week. it's non-toxic as soon as it dries.

Pre-emergent around here is a gamble. A wet winter can flush it too deep to be effective.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

lazygardens is absolutely right on about Triox and glysophate. Which lead to the misuse of pesticides problem: PEOPLE DO NOT COMPLETELY READ THE LABEL 1) BEFORE PURCHASE, 2) BEFORE USE AND 3) BEFORE STORAGE!!! The dilutions on the label has been determined to be the safest and most effective killing rate. Double and triple concentrations IS NOT more effective!!

Now I'm down from my soapbox!!! Thank you for listening.

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