I got nailed by a scorpion-Got a question

johnnycadoseed(z9NV sunset 11)February 28, 2009

I was stung on my index finger by a scorpion yesterday morning approx.6:00. I put ice on it, took a claritin (antihistamine)and 2 tylenol. After a day of total agony, I woke this morning with the throbing gone but my finger as still numb and tender. The tingling has subsided down to the elbow so I figure one more day and I should be back to normal. My question is could this have been a bark scorp? I've been stung by bees and hornets and recovered back to normal in a few hours so I pretty sure I'm not illergic. My son was stung last summer and recovered in about 8 hours and here I am 28 hours later and still not right. Any imput would be appreciated. Thanks, John

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With any scorpion bite, your best bet is to seek medical attention. The venom of a bee or hornet is irrelevant to the venom of a scorpion. An allergy (or lack of) to one does not mean an allergy to the other. That's like saying because you have an allergy to grass, you'll also be allergic to cats. Different bugs, different venom.

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lotsaplants(Az zone 9)

I got stung on my toe a couple of years ago...think it was a bark sorpion from the way it looked.
Took several days before the numbness went away.
Luckily I had crutches, cuz it was hard to walk!
Poison control said to do what you did...pain meds and an antihistimine.
They didn't seem terribly concerned, said no reason to go to the emergency room unless my throat started swelling shut.
Hope you're feeling better!

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I have been stung by bark scorpions before. A little tingling and numbness but nothing serious. If you get stung on the face, neck, head upper chest and are finding it difficult to breath seek medical attention. If you do it early a steroidal antibiotic from your doctor will reduce the swelling and its all good.

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I have been stung a couple of times. The stings can vary greatly. The first time was on my foot and like you I was in agony for 12-24 hours (long time ago, can't remember exactly the length of time). The 2nd time I picked up a 2x4 and was nailed on the hand. I expected this too ruin my 3 day week-end - happened Friday afternoon. But it never hurt really bad and in 2 hours it was over. My wife and kids have been stung also, but they are either a lot tougher than me (very likely) or were not stung as bad as that first one I had.

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John -
Sounds like a normal scorpion sting to me. It's a neurotoxin and it takes a while for the nerves to recover. If it were going to kill you, you'd be having numb lips and difficulty breathing.

It's a pound your head on the wall kind of pain, isn't it.

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I've been stung a couple of times. It was terrible. Hurt like crazy and pain lasted about 12 hours. I was stung again a year or so ago and expected another bout of misery but it was all done in about 30 minutes. I'm guessing not as much venom as the first two stings.

I think everyone in the desert needs a scorpion sting kit: an ice bag for the sting, an ice bucket with a bottle of gin sitting in it for the victim.

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cheon57(Sunset 12/13)

There are a number of sub-species of bark scorpions in AZ. I recall reading 40 to 60 as an estimate. The ones to be most wary of are the ones you are least likely to see. They are very small, 1/4" or so in length but are reputed to be the most potent here in AZ. I am out between Sun City and Wickenburg and usually turn everything over and give a good look before I reach for anything. Between the scorpions, black widows, brown recluses, rattlesnakes, etc.. it is far better to proceed with caution when weeding and such especially in areas that are less trafficked.

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johnnycadoseed(z9NV sunset 11)

Just a quick update. After three months, my index finger has a numb spot where I was stung. It really got me good! The worst part was I was in bed when it happened. It was first light and I reached for the covers to get up and grabed it instead of the covers. It was about 6" from my face!
The reason why I didn't go to the E.R. was when my son was stung, I took him to the E.R. and they gave him antihistamine, pain pills and a $3,650. bill. I figured I could do the same thing without paying for a new hospital wing. If it would have stung me in my face or neck when I would have probably gone to the E.R. again.
Now, I check the yard with a black light to see if I have any more visitors. I killed 2 more last week and killed one on my bedroom wall two nights ago. I quess its something I'll have to get used to doing.
Thank you, all, for your input, John

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After 20 yrs here I got my first scorpion sting a couple months ago on the instep of my foot. I have a high pain tolerance, but this was almost unbearable for about 6 hrs.! It felt like a 2nd degree burn spreading almost to my knee with non-stop jolts of electricity on top of the burn.

My family took me to the ER after my body began twitching from the pain. They ruled out anaphylactic shock and neurological involvement & gave me an Rx for Percocet, which had no effect whatsoever. An icebag was the only thing that helped. I had natural childbirth many yrs ago. It was less painful than this experience, partly because nature gives you a short rest after each contraction. There was no respite from this neurotoxin pain.

I had numbness & trouble walking for 2-3 days afterwards. I think the pain varies based on WHERE you are stung as the number of nerve endings on body parts vary, with our feet & hands having very high numbers.By the way, a bark scorpion bite will not cause swelling at the puncture site, as other scorpion species do.

It was quite a learning experience & one I hope never to repeat! I hope your finger gets better soon!

One chemical free way to reduce your chances of bark scorpions in your house is to use a food or gardening grade diatamaceous earth around the base of your home's foundation. A&P Nursery carries it. It gets rid of bugs that scorpions prey upon like crickets, etc.

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Here's a link to great information on scorpions from the University of Arizona including ways to control their populations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scorpions

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taphands is correct, diatomaceous earth is a good remedy, but only for the insects that scorpions eat. I recently went out in the garden at sunrise, only to witness multiple scorpions running up my house wall to escape the sun. God, that was like a horror movie... anyways, i realized that i had a brood of crickets in a small brick retaining wall of mine. Use DE heavily, and i mean pour the crap on there, it is completely inert for your plants. Scorpions, realistically, aren't a huge problem (unless you are allergic, or in lesser health), they are just too creepy to look at!

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johnnycadoseed(z9NV sunset 11)

I just got nailed again. It happened a week ago Sunday. This time on my thumb. It was tolerable. I put ice on it as soon as it happened. That helped. I only had the "tingles" in my hand and I wasn't in agony like the one 4 years ago. The nerve endings are dead on my thumb pad but I think they will come back. The nerve endings on my right index finger from 4 years ago never came entirely back

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ouch. I've never been stung by anything. Bees, scorpion or anything. The only thing that I have been bit by are ants.

Maybe you should really work on sealing up your home so they can't come in.

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I was stung by an adult scorpion on the tip of my right index finger 9 days ago and the tip of the finger is still numb. Has anyone had that same experience of prolonged numbness after a scorpion sting? Also has anyone had permanent numbness after a sting?

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Prolonged numbness beyond 3 days is not uncommon. It may last weeks, months and in some cases is permanent. My guess would be 6-8 weeks once the peripheral nerves grow back.

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jnr1953 - It's common. Either it recovers feeling or it doesn't, there's nothing to do but wait.

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