Second generation hybrid: (red-white x Benfica) x royal velvet

hippiezep(11)March 4, 2014

This one is a very nice sumptuous deep red but is otherwise unremarkable except that it is very special to me because it is a second generation hybrid. The seed for this plant came from a hybrid from 2009 where a generic red-white flower was pollinated by the deep dark red Benfica:

This bloomed in 2011 and the flower was then pollinated by Royal Velvet, another deep red rather similar to Benfica. One of the seedlings from this cross flowered today and has a deep velvety hue, rather like Benfica itself. There were only two flowers, but not bad for a first try.

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3 generations, that's impressive. What is your end goal?

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The color is to die for, at least on my screen. Very dramatic and special.
Thank you so much for posting!!

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Wow! A second generation hybrid!! And a gorgeous one at that! You deserve to be proud. - J

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Lovely color! And I like the flower shape likewise. A good mix of it's ancestors flower shape. Congratulations!

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'What is your end goal?'

Oh, 100 generations, maybe? Seriously, I'm trying to cross hybrids with one or other of their parents to try to approximate that original type, especially with varieties which are hard to breed, like Apple Blossom. I'm very excited to see a 2011 San Remo x Apple blossom in bud for the first time. When this flowers, I hope there will be another Apple Blossom in flower so that I can use the pollen to try to pollinate the hybrid and get some seeds which have the potential to be even more similar to Apple Blossom. It would be easier if the generation time was 20 minutes like bacteria, instead of 3-4 years!

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