Trying Something New in the Garden this Year

campvFebruary 21, 2014

I planted "early white bush scallop squash".
(White w/green stem looks like a UFO)
Have any of you grown this before and if so can you provide any personal info. to help my endeavors.
I also planted "Kohlrabi early white Vienna" ( looks like a very big radish) same would be appreciated.
Camp Verde

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I grew the bush scallop. I lived the squash from it and it did very well.

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crista(Sunset 13)

I haven't grown that variety of squash but have grown the kohlrabi. Be aware that the kohlrabi forms above the ground, not below. They are delicious when they're about the size of a tennis ball!

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The scallop squash grows much like a zucchini and is prepared kind of the same. The kohlrabi is more of a winter crop, but give it a try, they are really good raw and have a mild turnip flavor, they can get 'woody', when they get much bigger than a tennis ball.


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Thanks bolt and crista for the information. The kohlrabi are about 2" high.
Camp Verde

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