Harvesting Gingko Nuts

thornyissue(9)October 25, 2006

Hi there, I just recently picked some gingko nuts from my tree in my new house. The fruit that dropped is orange colored, soft and acidic. Even after I washed my hands I could feel the burn.

Should I take the skin off or dry the fruit? I know I'm suppose to freeze it. Let me know...



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Gather the ripe fruits using rubber gloves. Squeeze out the seeds in a bucket of water, wash them thoroughly, and then dry them for several weeks in a well-ventilated location. The result will look like a large unsplit pistachio nut. They are not ready to eat at this point. To prepare them for eating, first crack them with a pair of pliers. You may roast like almonds, chestnuts, or sunflower seeds or boil them for about ten minutes. The inner skin (called a pellicle) will fall off leaving a light yellow/white kernel. It's this kernel which you eat. It tastes something like sweet corn.

You may keep these nuts in your refrigerator in plastic bags for a short time, but they are highly perishable. Or vacuum seal them and freeze them.

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taxonomist(7b VA)

All of that advice relating to Ginkgo or Gingko nut sounds to me pretty stupid. My Chinese friend and I collect the ripe and VERY smelly fruit and dump them in a mild solution of washing soda(Sodium carbonate). We hand strip the soft outer covering then dry. When sauteed in hot oil for a few minutes, they develop a most unusual and pleasant taste. Do NOT wory about the irritant properties; it is a mixture of weak organic acids (hexanoic,butanoic, and others) and is essentially harmless.

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I raked a large number of gingko fruit into a pile last fall. they were outside all winter. The fruit is gone but the seeds look good. is it ok to use them?

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