Pear tree variety for Marana, AZ

piranhafemFebruary 26, 2013

Hello, I live in Marana, which is just north of Tucson. We are down in the flatlands and get a little hotter in the summer, and also a little colder in the winter. So more chill hours, but also more intense heat, not to mention some wicked winds. (Why do I live here again??) Anyway, I know it's possible to grow pears here because my vet has a big pear tree on his property, which is just a mile or so down the road. Any advice on a good variety that is low chill and can take the heat and sun? I did a little reasearch and I'm thinking Kieffer. Any experience?

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Ignoring Baldwin, Flordahome, and Hood because they would require a combination of 2 of these 3 trees for proper pollination more-so than other types....

Kieffer, Monterey, or Maxine would be decent choices if you only plan on planting a single tree.

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Thank you, nc-crn! I was only planning one tree, so I will keep your advice in mind.

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