Giraffe x Night Star 2011

hippiezep(11)March 22, 2014

This combination really is a winner, and I can't recommend trying it highly enough for the sheer variety of offspring types from the same parents. I've been excited to see he variety produced by night star x giraffe, and this cohort of giraffe x night start (giraffe as the seed parent this time) has a similar range.

I'd almost forgotten about these as I planted them on a piece of waste ground someone offered me - it turned out to have terrible soil full of stones and building rubble, but I remembered them today and was surprised to find 8 in bloom, and all different, ranging from deep red to almost pure yellow-green. Here they are:

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Outstanding, you have some real beauties there!! Congratulations and keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing them!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

This is a great demonstration of how one cross can produce so much diversity. As Donna says, plant as many seeds as you can!

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Breathtaking! I really, really love the shapes and colors. I'd be happy to grow any of them.

Giraffe is in the house but Night Star is missing, have to keep my eyes open.

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Beautiful! I had absolutely no idea that you could get such a variety!!!

Now, just because I know nothing, would the children from each of these shapes and colors be like their parents?


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The exquisite form and delicate coloration of your last hybrid captured my heart.

This simple poem by Dorothy Anderson seems apropos.

Out of the Rubble

Out of the rubble on the earth
Out of the land's darkest doom
I saw a flower bloom

Congratulations, Zep!


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Would the children be like the parents? I wonder too, Marie, but I don't know. I tried 16 different combinations of crosses involving night star x giraffe last spring but not a single one produced viable seed. I will try again this season and hope something might take.

Nice poem, Blancawing - it really is out of the rubble. Some of the plants were quite small due to the poor conditions, including this almost comically small individual seemingly desperate to get its flower out.

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I think it's so interesting that two of them are white. To think red could vanish right out of an offspring like that...

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Nicely done!

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This is an update on the miniature comic shoot shown above which very, very nearly got thrown on to the compost heap. IâÂÂm so glad I didnâÂÂt, though, because it has produced a lovely clear greenish double-header which I have christened âÂÂgreen thumb.â I hope that with a bit of care and attention and better nutrition it can grow and prosper and continue to produce bigger and better flowers next year.

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What a nice surprise. 'Green Thumb' is so cute with great color and form.

Isn't it amazing how these bulbs struggle to survive?



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