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ajsblu_eyes(9)March 2, 2010

I now have a back log of picture I have yet to share so here are a few:

First is Amigo

Here is lovely Aphrodite

I have to admit I am less than impressed by Double Record

Lovely Dancing Queen

Remember My monster bulb? Well I know what it is now :)

She is an Apple Blossom. I have to say I was not impressed with this variety until this bulb showed me how wonderful this variety could look.

Ok I think I already shared Moonlight with you but she is worth another look

Now check out my funky Moonlight. She did a double trick on the same scape as the bloom pictured above.

I was not disappointed with Gervase when she bloomed

I got a better picture of my Manikit, named by Mariava

I know this is not the best picture of Sydney but I quite forgot to take a pic of her when she first started to bloom.

I waited and waited but my Seductress took her sweet time blooming I expected her to look like this:

But I was surprised when she looked like this:

I thought at first she was Grandure but when I checked out Emaryllis website I found that he too received a seductress that resembled mine. So I am going to assume the true Seductress resembles both of ours.

I hope you enjoy the pictures :)

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All I can say is WOW! The flowers are stunning, and that huge bulb......I have never seen another one like it! I am a novice at this and getting a chance to see so such a variety of beauties, well....it is just amazing!
Thanks so much for sharing these.

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You're doing a great job,growing Hippeastrum. All of them are beautiful and healthy looking.
Moonlight appears to have been the result of an attempt to breed a double or is the seedling of ab double.

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AJ, What a beautiful line up of blossoms! The Aphrodite is sooo very pink and one of the pinkest I've seen!! I agree with you on Double Record, I've seen some pretty ordinary photos of that one. But I'm devastated to see your Seductress(!!) I also have one taking it's sweet time and I'm sure it will look like yours!! I'm sure they all came from the same place.....it's not that it's not pretty, but not the gorgeous picture that you showed it should be!!! Love your Dancing Queen, and your Apple Blossom is very beautiful, that one can be really colorful when grown with enough sun and light, and you must have several more scapes to enjoy on that one!!
I think I have a Gervase under the name of Fantasy, but that one is also taking it's sweet time! Hope it looks like yours!!


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sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)

Wow! Thanks for the eye candy. Apple Blossom has always been my favorite because of its blossom size and vigor.

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Very nice pics! I see that you have a Seductress identical to mine- a HUGE disappointment and false advertising but not probably from the company we ordered from. (I have had good luck and customer service from this company.) But a huge discrepancy in the pic don't you think! Maybe that's why they gave the bulb that name "see how pretty I might be... oops...NOT!" We were simply seduced...

I agree with you that Apple blossom when grown healthfully is very pretty. I love Apple blossom!

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Upon looking at various sites having pictures of the advertized Seductress,I believe that you do have Seductress,albeit an anemic,suffering bulb. Secondary to that,is the possibility of tissue cultured multiplied bulbs
having a mutation to a lesser flower,or storage/shipping damage.
I once gave a large Pasadena bulb to a friend,who operated a small store. She put it in the milk cooler and forgot it for almost a year. She took it out just before Christmas,and it bloomed during Christmas. The blooms were much more pastel,faded and anemic looking, like your flower.It's still pretty,but not what it's supposed to be.
Good luck,next time it blooms.

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Thanks for the compliments however I can't take credit for growing them, seeing as I just purchased them. I was also devastated by my seductress however she has grown on me. I now have to figure out my wording when I address the discrepancies from the bulbs I ordered and what I have received. Any advice would be welcomed on what you have said in the past to these companies.

That Doubling on Moonlight was a complete surprise, all my previous blooms on this bulb were singles, I had only one strange double bloom.


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

AJ, great pictures. Isn't it funny how big some ABs grow? My huge bulb is an AB as well. I love Moonlight, too, btw. One of my favorites from this season's scores.


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