Some Peanut Pics. from my garden

chaman(z7MD)October 26, 2006

Hello Mel,

I have some Peanut Pics. from my garden to share with you and fellow gardeners.

Every one in my family love boiled green peanuts.Here in Maryland we have to harvest matured green peanuts before cold sets in,otherwise it will kill the peanut plants.Pods with matured seeds are harvested, cleaned, and boiled for consumption. Adding salts in boiling peanuts give very apetizing taste.Some of them are frozen to eat later in the year.

Peanut plants dug out from the garden.

Harvested Peanuts.

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Fabulous. I have to harvest my peanuts this week too.

How do you like to prep them for freezing? Do you par boil them first?

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Yes, we boil the peanuts for about 15 minitues, cool and freeze.For better taste some salt and oregano seeds or flakes are added while they are boiled.Boiling time is not very critical.Boil the nuts till the seeds becomes softer.
We harvest green pods with matured seeds.If the pods are on the dry side you may have to boil little longer.

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Hello chaman
The peanuts look great. I am told that my grandfather grew peanuts here in Ohio. So I think our growing season is long enough. don't think I tried them boiled that way but we do oven roast them.
It is a pleasure looking at all the fine pics you provide. Makes my garden season seem to last a little bit longer.
Thank you

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