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thishyaOctober 5, 2006

Hi..Did someone said we could buy Asian vegetables online?I remember reading a message..I could not follow.I thought they were being shipped from Florida to your door!Anyone has more info?

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hmmmmm, that could work. I have not heard of any such thing, but who knows? Most cities in the west anyway have asian markets that have a very good supply of veggies. I've made inquiries of clerks in the asian stores here in San Diego where I buy veggies, as to where they get their produce. Mostly they are clueless. I know a lot is grown right here in San Diego county, adjacent Imperial county and Mexico. If someone was to ship say some mustard type greens, Yu choy, gai lan, dai gai choy, etc. that is the more perishable types, how would one package it??

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Please visit

Here is a link that might be useful: freshvegonline

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Our local Asian markets send a truck to the produce wholesalers in Seattle once each week. We know when to show up where to purchase from these local stores.

I looked around a little on the web and began to wonder what folks might do in a small town without much of an Asian population. It occurred to me that Chinese restaurants are most everywhere. Nearly all have takeout, many have delivery service.

I suspect that people could go into their favorite Chinese (or other Asian) restaurant and talk to the management about picking up a case of mixed vegetables each week. Wouldn't surprise me if they'd make it possible. I mean, if they'd sell a relish tray or salad . . .


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Hello Thishya

If you are specifically seeking Indian vegetables, our friends got them from Atlanta and also from Miami.

The shipping turned out to be expensive part. One needs to buy a whole box. Usually about 20-30 Pounds (depends upon)
The Miami vegetable suppliers are wholesalers. They ship them only a couple of days in a week.

If you are interested in pursuing that probably I can get some phone numbers.

Usually the local Indian origin friends order them once in a way as we live in rural area.

The nearest India grocery stores are 140 miles away.

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Hi Everyone Thankyou for your help.Im still doing search.And i will be posting some info soon.

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This may be one source

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