Will this trick work for curry leaf plant during winter?

DocHudson(6 / NYC)October 27, 2013

Hello folks,

Just came across this awesome video.

I know curry leaf plant needs little water but to avoid accidental over watering issue (like I did in the past), I wonder if this trick will work or it will lead to too much of moisture in the soil.

Since the overwatering and winter round the corner, I water once in every 2 days and my soil moisture meter shows soil as dry. I do not want to over water, at the same time, I do not want it to dry. So I liked this idea.

Any comments?

Here is a link that might be useful: keeping water in the soil but avoid water logging

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Hi: Curry leaf trees like sandy soil, like citrus or cactus mix, and they do like it dry in the winter but not desert-like. My plant was inside in direct sun all winter (I live in FL and used the native soil BIG difference from potting soil, potting soil almost killed it!) I watered only when the top soil was dry, every 3 days or so. When I had to leave on vacation, I filled a couple of 2 liter soda bottles and stuck them neck down into the soil, and it percolated as the plant needed it. My pot was about 8 gals at the time. I'm not sure if the diaper thing is such a good idea because if it keeps the soil damp, you could get root rot. Better to use the gel for water loving tropicals IMHO.

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