Daikon Greens

MonkeyGirl(Near SF, CA z10)October 9, 2005

We enjoyed stir-fried daikon greens earlier this year, variety unknown as I received the seeds, labelled only "daikon" from a friend. I have a new crop, variety Minowase, that looks different from my first crop. I harvested a bunch of the greens today, and I'm a bit worried that, as they are a bit prickly, maybe this variety is not good for cooking and eating. They are not so prickly that I bothered to wear gloves when picking. They are less prickly than a fresh zucchini, so I am guessing they'll be okay.

Does anybody know? I have found little information on my seed packets, in books and online.

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Glenn_50(New Plymouth NZ)

2461 Hong Vit leaf radish from Johnnys Seeds. Virtually hairless ie no prickles. I have found it superb for greens.

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MonkeyGirl(Near SF, CA z10)

Thanks. I'll get that one next time.

The prickly greens cooked up just fine and tasty, I am happy to report.

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npthaskell(coastal oregon)

I had a thread on radish greens about 9 months ago; I've been away from this forum for a few months. Anyway, here it goes:

Evergreen has 3-4 types of leaf radish; I think that these may be Korean cultivars. I have tried "4 Seasons" and "Pearl" and like both of them. The leaves are mild while the roots of 4 Seasons are sometimes (perhaps always) hot. I haven't tried Pearl roots. The leaves of 4 Seasons are mildly bitter; I think that I may like Pearl a bit better. The germination rate of my package of "Sai Sai" was low; I haven't harvested any yet.

"Misato Rose" is a Chinese fall season root radish with decent leaves; it was the first radish leaf that I liked and turned me on to explore other radish cultivars for leaf consumption. Misato Rose seed is available from several sources.

I am exploring several Chinese and Korean root radishes from Evergreen and AgroHaiTai for leaf consumption.

Two cultivars from AgroHaiTai yield incredibly ornamental leaves with beautiful red veins. I was disappointed with both the root and leaf of "Szechuan Red"; "Red Sun" is still under evaluation, but I'm not happy with my first thinnings.

Leaves from "Green Luobo" from AgroHaiTai are wonderful; I haven't tried roots yet.

I was disappointed with the leaf of Korean "Summer Daebu Hybrid" from Evergreen; its root was pretty good once I peeled 2/3 of the mass that got root maggots.

Thinnings of "Ta Mei Hwa" from Evergreen were OK, I don't know about more mature plants yet.

All of these evaluations are for raw leaf and raw root.

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MonkeyGirl(Near SF, CA z10)

Thanks so much for the detail. I shall keep it for reference when I am next ordering seeds.

We have been enjoying the Minowase greens, cooked, for 6 weeks now since I posted my inquiry. It's good that I seeded new ones a few weeks ago, as some of the mature ones seeded in August are beginning to succumb to root maggots.

I often mix them with kale for cooking.

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