Ipomea aquatica a.k.a. ung choy, kang kong

hileeOctober 29, 2013

Just a quick question�wondering (and I have looked in the Net) why "they" say to pick stems and leaves before the plant flowers�My ung choy is flowering all they time! Should I just pull off the buds and harvest anyway? It is climbing out of the pot, trailing nicely--but I want to eat it�hah! Oh yeah, one more question: I have the white flowered variety and I was wondering if anyone had the lavender variety--perhaps we could trade seeds?
Thanks in advance,

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How can that be? It will be flowering if you let them growing without harvesting

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Well, if it is grown for its leaves then preferably you don't want stem and flowers. But nothing wrong with eating the stem and florets, as long as they are still tender. We eat broccoli like that, don't we ?

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So, I take it that I can just pull off the leaves and flowers and just eat the stems. I didn't know you could eat the flowers. I was letting the plant get big enough to harvest a lot but it just kept flowering and flowering...

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If you leave the plants for too long they get quite tough. However people around here still harvest after this point, but not the flowers. We have occasionally sown it in the garden and harvested young, I'm quite partial to it myself.

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The leaves are the most desired part of the plant to enjoy. The stems can be touch and fibrous unless they are new, young, and tender.

Just trim stems to about a foot from the end. Harvest a healthy handful of stems worth of leaves for dinner.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ong Choy Recipes

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