murraya koenigii indoor / outdoors

vid_nand(Z 9 CA)October 30, 2008

Hi All,

I live in Bay area(Cupertino, CA). I have a small 16" curry plant in a pot. I currently have this outdoors. Will it help if i bring this plant indoors during winter(or atleast during nights). As i might get a little bit of sunlight even during winter i an thinking of leaving it ourdoors during day and keeping it indoors under grow light(40 watts fluorascent!!!) during night. Pls. suggest me whether it makes sense.

Thanks in advance

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Hi. I just stumbled onto this forum and saw your question. I have 5 curry leaf plants that started out as 3" "sticks", and are now 2-3 feet tall. I keep them in a west facing window all year. The first summer I took them outside, then brought them inside in the fall. This past summer I just left them inside. They seem to be doing very well, as all my Indian friends are amazed, and I always have curry leaves for my dal, sambar & kozambu!
Hope this helps.

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