few more tindora cuttings and roots available

eswar(7b)October 25, 2010

free, only you have to pay the shiiping costs for a medium sized priority mail box

in the form of stamps 10-80.

If you send a e-mail I will give my details.

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why not ship in bubble envelop. tindora is a weed that roots super easy. I would think a simple bubble envelop would work.

how about seeds. why do people ship roots when the plant makes seeds.

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Did you mean $10.80 for postage? Any cheaper option?

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If you know any cheaper option kindly let me know.

Any other of shipping where in
I need not hunt for a suitable box. Bubble wrap envelope will crush , break the roots.

They will pick it up from my home , so that I need not take time of from my work,(drive and wait ) to post office or UPS. I work from 7-30am to 5 PM.

Delivered in 2 days any where in country.

Box plus packing about 2 pounds.

Priority mail box and pick up are free. The plants are also free.
The vegetable variety of tindora does not grow from seeds.
The choice is always yours.

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sreedevi_alla(Gold River,CA)


Do you still have tindora roots or plants please?


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Sir, I live in Houston , please I badly need tindora root and ready to pay shipping, please please reply. Any Garden Members please help me I can exchnage some seeds if you need.
Disperately searching for Tindora
how to pay this => $10.80 for postage

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Did you tried in www.royalpatel.com website?

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I am looking for tindora seeds as well as plant. can any one help me!! also i can trade in other seeds or plant as well.


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If any one in San antonio TX needs one you can come and get from my yard. I have so many of them popped up this year.
Some times I travel to Houston or Dallas for a short time. If anybody in those areas need a Tindora plant do not hesitate to send an email to me.
If you visit San natonio U can come and get the plant too.
I do not want to post them. Thanks

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Hi sagardener,

I live in San Antonio and would like to have some tindora roots. If you still have them to share, please email me.


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Do you still have tindora plant/Can I get some?

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This can be invasive in some areas. If this is so, it should be easy to get both cuttings and seed. i want some, too.

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