dwarf orange bird of paradise???

port_a_bella(z9 AZ)February 8, 2006

hi everyone... i was at target, the other day, and i saw some plants that were labled as dwarf orange bird of paradise. i did some research, online, and came up short. it seems like a pretty rare plant. so my question is: could this really be a dwarf bird of paradise? what do you think? should i trust the lable? the person working there didn't know anything about the plant. i'd be greatfull for any input...

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desertdenial(Chandler, AZ)

Maybe they meant "Not Giant" bird of paradise?

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Hi Port a Bella, I think there is such a thing. We just returned from Puerto Vallarta Mexico and my daughter and I were admiring the flowers and plants where we stayed. There was a small plant that she pointed out and said it looked like a bird of paradise but the leaves were much smaller and the flower as well. The flower was solid orange and not as colorful but it was a charming plant. Now I would like to go to the Target here in Tucson to see if they have it.

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I was visiting a friend in L.A. and I definitely saw some "dwarf" bird of paradise. These plants were not "stunted", they were healthy and blooming, about half the size overall of the standard reginae.(I currently have both the standard reginae and nicolai.) I tried to find the dwarf/reginae on line but with no luck. It seems that some sites refer to the standard reginae as "dwarf" only because is is small relative to the nicolai. If anyone can find the true dwarf, I would LOVE to know where.

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