My poor avocado tree

mastergardenator(7)February 3, 2010

Ok so 2 years ago i thought it would be fun to grow an avocado tree from a pit

so i did

i kept it inside till got to big

that winter i made a green house to keep it in

but the wind blew it away so i didn't have it for this winter

so i put in it front of a heating vent and covered it when it got cold

but it looks really sad

what should i do

water it more ?

water it less ?

add fertilizer?

trim off the dead parts ?


any help will be most appreciated



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Can you set it outside under an overhang in bright light?

All it probably needs is warmer weather and some shelter from the sun.

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littleluey(Zone 9)

where in Az are you?
I am in Yuma and I have an avocado tree in the back yard with no protection at all and it is still green and doing fine. I am not sure having it by the heating vents is good for the tree, the hot air hitting it all of the sudent may be doing it. It may also be drying the soil too much.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

littleluey, what kind of avacado do you have in your yard.

I planted a little Cado.....(basically a Haas on dwarf rootstook) in the fall here in Lake Havasu. Everyone tells me it will die due to the alkali and salts in our soil and water.

Are you doing anything special with it?

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Thatcher AZ

gotten kind of cold this year
mine is from a Haas pit!

i have some PH lowerer should i put it on the tree?

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littleluey(Zone 9)

I have a mexicola avocado, just got it this summer and planted it right away. I don't really do anything special with it. I read that the way to eliminate salt in the soil you should fill the basin around the tree and the salts will push out away from the roots.
I know there are poeple growing avocados in the desert, there are a lot of fruit stands around town selling them along with other veggies. So don't listen to what people tell you. Lake Havasu is probably also zone 9 and the avocados are supposed to be able to grow here.

I would not just lower the ph, check what it is first and research your tree, if it needs to be lowered then do so.

Good luck.

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littleluey(Zone 9)

here is a link to the nursery were my tree came from. I got the tree at lowe's and this web site has a lot of info on their plants:

Here is a link that might be useful: La verne nursery

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

The #1 thing that kills avo's is too much water resulting in root rot. They are very susceptible to it. filling the basin and letting it drench through is fine but don't let the water sit too long and don't water again for a while so the soil doesn't stay wet.
After that, the 3 big problems with avo's in the desert are salt, wind and too much sun. It sounds like you are already aware of the salt issue and working with that. Be sure to protect it from the big winds we get, especially in spring. You may also want to consider a shade cloth suspended over it for the next summer while it's still trying to get established. Put it up the first time the temps get over mid 80's and leave it up through September, till temps cool down again. It should still get some early morning and late afternoon sun.
Good luck

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