jeff_12422February 3, 2011

Has anyone had success growing lemongrass in the desert? I have a plant from last year that either died or went dormant for the winter... Not sure which yet. I suspect it's dead, as I transplanted it into the ground in the fall, not realizing it would have a dormant stage. And it's very possible it was near death when I transplanted it, too, as I just didn't take very good care of it. At any rate, I'm hoping it will revive itself in the spring, or I'll get another one, but if anyone has any tips for keeping it alive here in the dry heat, I'd love to hear them! (Or, likewise, to hear if it's stupid to try to keep lemongrass alive in a dry climate...)

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kccav(z9 AZ)

I've been growing it here in Glendale for about seven years. Yes they die back in winter and new shoots will come up in spring. Sometimes when the winter is real cold only a few will sprigs will survive (only if you had a fairly large clump). In spring cut the clump of lemongrass to about a foot high. If you can find a few sprigs still alive take them out. Take the dead clump of lemongrass out of ground and replant the few live sprigs you have. That's what I do and had success every year. Lemongrass will grow to about 3 1/2 foot high with a about a 8 inch round clump circumference from those new sprigs real quick. They will take root pretty quickly, just keep watered when young and newly transplanted. They can take full Arizona sun all day in summer with no problem at all.

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

I just planted some of this earlier in the fall. It actually looks pretty good still after the freeze. It was located under a Palo Verde tree not far from a west facing wall so maybe that saved it.
Thank you, kccav for the info on this. I was wondering if it could take the heat.

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I have a 4 year old east Indian plant growing in a pot. I bring it inside in the winter. East Indian will propogate from seed while the West Indian is by root only(I think). The fatter root in groceries is the west. It loves AZ summer if watered well. Doesn't like below freezing at all. I pull off a sprigs and plant them in the garden. They have never made it through the winter. If it loses it's green, it's dead

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So it sounds like lemongrass will handle lots of sun. I bought a couple of stalks at Lee Lee and have them in water to root. One already has roots, the other is taking its time. I plan to plant them beside the east wall of my home. Do you think that will be a problem?

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I just bought a huge bundle of lemon grass from Mei Kongs and stuck it in a glass of water. It's been two days and it already has a couple of roots. Would it be best with partial shade or full sun? Maybe I should put some in each area, since I have so much.
Do you think bunnies will mess with it?

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I have a big clump of it in full sun, and it does fine. I'm in Marana, north of Tucson, 115 last summer. It just needs regular water. It dies back hard in the winter. It's just about the ONLY thing the bunnies don't eat!


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Good to know Maureen!

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Ok, I've got the perfect spot than, front of house, where I gave a heck of a time with things because of bunnies and full sun. Hope it likes lavender and rosemary for friends!

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