Browning leaves

Lulubelle23November 21, 2012

As a new vegetable grower on a small farm in South Africa this is my first attempt at Asian vegetables. The pak choi and tat soi plants were doing well up until 2-3 days ago when the leaves suddenly started going brown. I thought it might be downy mildew so I treated with a Burgundy mixture spray but this has not stopped the "rot". Does any one have any idea of what could be causing the problem. There are other brassicas planted nearby and they are all fine.

(The colours in the picture are not exacly the same as the true colours)

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A second plant

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This is one of the leaves I removed from a plant.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

It always helps us if you describe what you're doing as to water & fertilizer; during what sort of temperature; and if in open ground, shade house or greenhouse.

Rather than disease, I suspect environmental glitches. For instance, the second picture looks like damage from excessively bright light. Perhaps the plants need some light shade?

The other two pictures could also be environmental. Perhaps ran short of water even though temporarily?

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