Growing Asian Pears from seed...any advice?

carlota(So. Calif. z.9)November 13, 2005


I'm new to the asian vegetable forum but am in need of your advice.

I managed to get over 10 asian pear seeds to sprout with more on the way. What can I do to improve my seedlings chances? What growing conditions do asian pears prefer? What food? Do they need to be grafted or do they do fine on their own?

And the big I nuts for even trying?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Why bother? The seeds may not be true to type. Starting December, nurseries (including Home Depot, Lowe's, OSH) stock themselves with bareroot fruit trees, Asian pear included. Last year I bought a grafted 4-in-1 Asian pear (Hosui, Shinsheiki, 20th Century, and Chojuro) for less that $15 at Lowe's. It bore fruits the same year.
But if you really want to grow from seeds I would soak them overnight and put them inside a Ziploc bag with moist peat moss or perlite. Then I would place them in my south or southeast facing windowsill. Goodluck and welcome.

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carlota(So. Calif. z.9)

Hi AbetSoCal,
Lowes? Very cool I will buy a tree in December. But...
My seeds have sprouted and I am known for my patience with seeds. I play at hybridizing rose seeds which is an exercise in patience. I know that the seeds might not be true to type but the journey is always facsinating.

My asian pear seeds sprouted quickly in a combination soak of hydrogen peroxide and water. The ratio I use is 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 5 parts water.

I am hoping for more knowledge to help the grow stronger and better.


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A co-worker of mine brought back 3 asian pears from China to Michigan. I would like to try growing them too. I've seen some at our farmers market in early October so I know we can grow them. They were smaller and didn't have the crisp and light peeling flavor that I expect in an Asian pear but I think it can be done.

These pears from China are soooo jucy and chrisp. They are not round like the apple pear I've seen in California but are pear shaped.

Any advice for growing these indoor in mid November? Should I try to sprout them too?

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are you talking about Ya Li (sp?). it's light yellow/tan and pear shaped, very juicy! i actually found seeds that have already begun to sprout while still inside the fruit. i potted them and three years later I have two 12 ft trees. One of them leafs out faster than the other every year, so chilling requirements are different even though they came from the same fruit. they look like they will flower any time now. I have several neighbors in houston that have planted asian pears from seeds, and they are fairly quick to bear fruit (4 years maybe?). probably not exactly the same s the parent, but fairly close.

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hello i am new but i was wondering if there was any tips for growing asian pears in north western misouri. i was thinking of planting them around or at the spring equinox.

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