peas only

cthrnpage(9)February 17, 2013

My peas are coming up! and nothing else :( So I am restarting indoors. I think they dried out being outside?

What didn't come up: Yellow squash, spinach, lettuce, peppers (serranos, anaheims and jalapenos), cantalope and radishes...really, radishes? :(

I'm trying to start small.

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I started peppers and tomatoes indoors last night with a dome and a heat mat. The first seeds started breaking soil tonight. This is the latest I have started peppers and tomatoes. If all my plants had not died in the freeze I would not have started any.

As for squash and melons. I plan on planting them in the ground around Feb 15th give or take a week do to weather conditions.

You may find that some of the seeds you planted will suddenly sprout once it warms up a bit. Our nights right now are still a little cold for reliable germination of some summer time crops.

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too cold at night. It's still in the high 30s at my house overnight. that is not good for a freshly germinated seed. I've started everything inside. I take them outside in a greenhouse during the day and bring back everything inside at night. when it stays above 60 outside, I'll plant, until then, I don't see the point of killin' or stunting them

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It's warmer here than in Phoenix, I'm already hot outside in the afternoons. I started more inside though. :) It's in the 70's already.

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Radishes up too! :)

My yellow squash and cantaloupe seeds floated to the surface when I watered gently with a hose. If I use a spray bottle the soil dries out quickly. Should I put them back under? Is this normal?

Nothing at all from the peppers or tomatoes.

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If they were planted properly at roughly one inch deep this should not happen unless you are watering too hard. Drip irrigation is the preferred method of course. Having said that. The answer to your question is Yes. Bury them again.

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Wow, 1 inch. The package said 1/4 inch. Thank you. :)

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