Banana Blossom -edible?

Cheechnchong(z8 TX)November 8, 2004

Howdy from Houston.

I went to Chinatown and saw them selling the red tips of a banana blossom. I'm not sure what it is called exactly, but it's the part of the banana cluster that makes more bananas... it's about 6" to 12" long, and about as wide around as a softball. It's also red and pointy- almost and upside down tear dropped shape.

Anyone know how they eat these things? who eats these things? how to cook (or are they eatten raw?) these things?

I think they were selling for five bucks a pop.

I've got banana plants growing in my backyard, and I have one of these babies on the end of the clusters that are growing.



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Yes, you can eat them. My grandfather from the Philippines eats them, I'll have to ask him what he does with it. We also have banana trees and he cuts them off after enough baby bananas have formed.


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Laura, look here for recipes:

Here is a link that might be useful: Banana Blossom Recipes

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Banana blossoms are used alot in Southeast Asian cruisines. It can be cooked or eaten raw. The tough covering is usually removed until you get to the almost white tender parts of the blossom. It should be sliced and let it sit in water until most of the sap are gone. If your gonna eat it raw, make sure the blossom comes from a variety that isn't bitter. Most of the Southeast Asian varieties aren't bitter.

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They're called Puso ng saging here. Banana Hearts. Puso meaning heart and saging meaning bananas. Banana Hearts are kinda like meat extenders here. Probably great for vegetarians (not many here in the Philippines).

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dirt_dew(z9 az)

I ate my home grown Banana Heart. I am looking forward to the next one.
I sliced it thin and made soup/sauce. I served it over brown rice.

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Does anyone here know please?

Thanx in advance,


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nomadic(z8 PNW)

Soup, omelet, stew, etc. :-)

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