foofoo(Gilbert, AZ)February 13, 2006

Can anyone direct me to a good place to buy a "potted" Ocotillo? Has anyone heard of Cactus Jacks? I was told they were a good place to find one but I can't seem to locate them anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help concerning Ocotillo's and their planting habits.


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sonotaps(Sunset Z13, Phx)

In my experience, Ocotillos root quite easily, so they are typically sold bare-root, which may be the reason you asked for one 'potted'. Best bang for the buck is to buy one at Home Depot (bare root) and stick it in the ground (not too deep. Don't water it, let it root out and seek water on its own). If it doesn't live, keep your reciept and take it back (1 year guarantee on plants). Last I saw, 6 + footers were like $25 there.

However, I would recommned looking at the 'tree ocotillos' from Mexico. They have short fat trunks, peeling bark, and stay 'in-leaf' year-round.

There are several kinds but try Fouquieria Diguetii or Fouquieria MacDougalii. Locally, you can try AZ cactus sales in Chandler or Shady Way nursery in Apache Junction. My favorite is Plants for the Southwest in Tucson but that has to be a day trip thing.

Good luck.

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You may be thinking of Jack's Paradise Gardens on Main Street and about Val Vista in Mesa. I have seen 'potted' ocotillos (Fouquieria splendens) at A & P Nursery on Baseline Road in Gilbert.

There are great care instructions on the Desert Botanical Garden website below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting a Bare Root Ocotillo

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sonotaps(Sunset Z13, Phx)

By 'you' are you refering to me?

Nope, I got the right place...


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I agree with sonotaps - both Fouquieria diguetti & F. macdougalli are really nice unique plants that do well in the valley.
However, my F. burragei (which has a similar form to the 'bushy' growth macdougalli) stays in leaf year-round much more consistently than either of my macdougalli & diguetti.
I've seen decent sized specimens (1-2ft) of burragei on sale at the Desert Botanical Garden, although the nicest Fouquieria can be found at Plants of the Southwest in Tucson as sonotaps mentions (they have all 11 species for sale there!).
Good luck! The Fouquierias are my favorite plants!

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sonotaps(Sunset Z13, Phx)


Hey Minime,

Has your F. burragei bloomed yet? Mine has not thus far. I keep looking for those white flowers!

Diguetti is my favorite. I like the growth form better.

Fouquierias are great!

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Unfortunately, my burragei still has yet to bloom!
I've had it for about 3 years, and it was probably 3-4 years old when I planted it. They say they can bloom after 6-7 years. So, I figure mine could go any year, so like you, I keep looking for those white flowers!

My diguetti still has yet to bloom either, although it is already ca. 5ft tall.

I have high hopes for this coming bloom season!

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