Pomegranate 'Wonderful'

warriorant(Goodyear AZ)February 26, 2006

Another addition I want to add to my yard is a Pomegranate.

I'm thinking of Pomegranates "Wonderful". Do I need two for pollination? Are they easy to grow? Any info would be helpful.

Thanks everyone

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sharonlf(z10 AZ)

I have one that has been growing in full sun with very little care. As mentioned I only have one but I get lots of fruit. Except for an occasional pruning to shape it a little and cleaning up the fruit, it hasn't required much care.

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warriorant(Goodyear AZ)


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Warriorant, you are going to have to open a fruit stand, LOL!

Wonderful is a good choice, and produces well in this area. Besides the fruit, it has great blossoms, and nice yellow foliage in the fall. Only drawbacks mine has is fruit split, which can be controlled by watering practices, and the Leaf Footed Plant Bug. These guys drill holes in the fruit, spoiling it.

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warriorant(Goodyear AZ)

jimdaz, What is fruit split?

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In late summer, or early fall when the fruit is ripening, the peel can split as the fruit grows. Usually due to uneven watering. I don't mind the split as I have chickens, and one of their favorite foods is Pomegranate. They love the discards!

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I never thought to give my chickens fruit. I will have to try if my pomegrante produces for me this year. Thanks for the idea!

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warriorant(Goodyear AZ)

Wow Chickens! I'm a long way from Metro Connecticut!

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Yes, warriorant, you are a long way from Metro CT! I grew up in Michigan on a small farm with lots of animals and plants around me. Couldn't wait to leave for the City. After 15 years of riding buses, the subway, and living in a crowded apartment building, I was ready to move to Phoenix. Now have 12 hens, two dogs, five cats, and fish in two ponds. A woman told me today that you can never take the farm life out of a person who grows up in it. I think she was right.

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We are starting to landscape at our new home and I'd like to plant one of these poms. Any advice out there from those who have them? Watering schedule? fertilizing? how do they take the heat? thanks!

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saguaro(USDA 9 AZ)

They love the heat! And not too much water.

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clarizonya(z8 Bisbee, AZ)

I live in a neighborhood which was built mostly in the early 1900s. There are very few people who actually garden here, but there are old pomegranate trees thriving in many yards. They must have been favorites at one time, maybe cheap vitamin C for miners. Anyway, I think once pomegranates get established they don't need much.

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I recently purchased a 'wonderful' pomegranate from Star Nursery in Vegas. The label says that it is self pollinating so you should be fine with just one plant...unless you want lots of fruit!


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i recently transplanted a wonderful from tucson and its doing great! ourz grow about 6 ft a year. these are my favorite trees! you only need one, but hand pollinating may be a good idea. they are a bit messy though.....but completely worth it!

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Love heat, some water, and fertilze with an acid food such as for citrus trees. Thin out dead wood under tree but
do NOT prune branch ends as that is where new fruit sets. Jim

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Just a word of caution;
Pomegranate bushes/trees can be invasive towards moisture sources such as sewer and water pipes. We have an old ranch house with lots of citrus and some pomes in the back. I had to remove one several years ago that was constantly invading the sewer pipes.

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I have two pomegranate "Wonderful" and the fruit is still white. When do they ripen in Phoenix?

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Hey susankov, how is your pom fruit looking in November? I'm just curious because mine were also not ready in October but are as of now. We've pulled and seeded them and are now in the process of figuring out what to do with them all.

As for hand pollinating them as suggested by dropthepurpleturtle, great name btw. I wouldn't bother with it. That's what we have bees and hummingbirds for.

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My Pomegranate blooms twice. The first fruits grow very large , but the seeds remain white. The second blooming is late so the fruits remain small and the seeds turn red. DO you know if we should remove the first fruits instead of letting them mature so we get the second blooming earlier and get the red seeds? I am new to this.

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I would wonder what city you reside? What variety of pomegranate it is?

I know a variety called Eversweet (DPUN050) can produce 2-3 crops annually in warmer parts of the southwest.

The color difference could be more heat producing red.

The smaller sized (fewer?) fruits could be due to lower energy reserves being used from the first crop. Usually this results in alternate bearing, but ....

Your plan may work. You would have to cut the first round of flowers off. If you don't enjoy the first crop. Otherwise, you could either remove the second crop flowers or possibly add fertilizer (though this can have undesirable outcomes).

Here is a link that might be useful: patent on Eversweet

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VenetiaPW, you're not alone. My Wonderful does exactly the same thing.

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I have a pomegranate tree/bush and I would like to transplant it this month to a better location with lots of room to grow.It has been in the ground for approximately 3 years but Its still pretty small in size.Can this be done safely even though the leaves are still on. I live in the Surprise, Arizona. Any help would be appreciated.

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I would wait until early-mid January when dormant, if possible, to transplant.

If you must transplant now because something is going into that spot then you have nothing to lose by transplanting now. Pre-dig hole to transplant into and have it ready. Tie a ribbon on pomegranate on due north side so you can orient the same direction in the new hole. Dig up and quickly transplant.

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I have one pomegranate, a variety called "Desertnyi" that I got a couple of years ago from the VPA fruit tree sale. it does the same thing your wonderful does - one early crop of BIG fruit that don't get red seeds (kinda very light pink) and a second very small (golf-ball size and a bit larger) crop in which the seeds turns dark blood-red gorgeous color. I'm going to try plucking the first crop next summer and see if the second one gets big.

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