krazy for kaffir

tinatinaDecember 21, 2004

Hello all,

We love kaffir limes, esp in thai-inspired cooking, and are looking for an online store that sells what we need to grow them. (particularly one that would ship to Europe, although this is not absolutely necessary)

Any suggestions ? Thanks !

BTW what is the difference between combava and kaffir ?

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gponder(7/South OR)

Kaffir Lime trees, grafted on flying dragon (dwarfing) rootstock, can easily be grown in a pot, in a sunny window during the winter and outside in the summer. They're not particullary fussy trees and readily available here in the states. I don't know what the regs are on shipping to Europe.

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Hello Tinatina,
The EU have restrictions on plant material,especially Citrus and it's relatives,however seed may/maynot be imported. Combavas is the French translation to Kaffir lime ,as is Orang Orang Kfir in Arabic, Makrut in Thailand
These can be grown from seed,but,Citrus hystrix(porcupine quill), as the name implies have huge thorns,whereas the budded trees are semi-thornless.Alan

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