looking for a few pomegranate cuttings and mulberry

greendesertMarch 11, 2011

I posted on craigslist and I didn't get any offers. basically I would really like to plant a pomegranate tree in a spot in my backyard, but with all the other trees and plants I would like to get this year, my budget is really tight. I do posses a good amount of patience so if I could buy a few cuttings from someone who is willing to share, I don't mind starting them from cuttings and waiting. I have a couple started from cuttings already, but I would really like a known variety (wonderful, or something with red arils preferably. The ones I have, I have no idea what they are, but I'm sure they're not the "wonderful" variety. The arils are mostly white with a slight touch of pink. I'm also looking for pakistan mulberry and different fig varieties. I already have black mission and brown turkey.

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There's a company in town that grows all these types

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I know turtleman... if you're talking about RSI, they have really awesome trees, but I'm too broke even for that. Not that I couldn't afford a pomegranate, but I'm planning to plant quite a few fruit trees and I just can't afford to pay regular price for all of them...it adds up you know. And the pomegranates are the ones that are so easy to start from a cutting that I really don't mind. It's quite fun for the kids actually. I'm not looking for freebies, I just don't want to splurge at the moment, and I don't want to insult anybody by lowballing either, because I know how much work it goes into those things. So I'd rather just start small.

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greendesert I'm in the process of rooting Pomegranate, Fig and Mulberry cuttings right now. I have every variety you mentioned and more. Most are cynosure varieties that are the cream of the crop not often found in nurseries. My supply is limited and I have offered rooted cuttings to two other people before you. Once they have all rooted I will be keeping one of each and giving cuttings to the two other people. In 2-3 weeks when they are all rooted I should have a pretty good idea of what I have left. After that you are next in line if you want them. All I ask is that you return the pots and replace the soil and we're all good. Keep in mind I live in far East Mesa though and when they are ready you would have to come and get them.

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greendesert if you're not interested let me know. A friend is coming over tomorrow. If you don't want any I plan on offering him some tomorrow.

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Hi I'm definitelly interested. And I don't mind driving to mesa once. I'm also willing to pay some, or trade (although you probably have most everything I'd have for trade) except for the pineapple tomatillos (not exactly a fair trade, but it's a plant, it's edible, kids like it LOL)

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greendesert I will make sure to hold whatever the 1st two people don't ask for and let you know what I have once they are all rooted. I'm fairly sure I will have plenty assuming they all root. Its not like they both want a whole bunch. I'm growing Purple Tomatillos and if I can keep the little seedlings alive Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries. Even so I would love to add Pineapple Tomatillos to the mix so keep a plant or two for me if you can spare them.

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thisisme is it possible to send unrooted cuttings in the mail and root them when they arrive? Or would they die enroute? I tried growing some from seed but they are more like a long vine than a bush.

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Sue they can safely be sent in the winter and early spring if properly packaged. Shipping them when temps are high can be problematic.

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I have a volunteer mulberry but I'm in Mesa as well. I have no idea how to root it but you're welcome to take cuttings.

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