HAVE: Will be dividing the following

takumakuJanuary 15, 2009

Phyllostachys nigra

Pseudosasa owatarii

Pleioblastus viridi-striatus

Fargesia rufa - I'm extremely disappointed with this one. I was expecting a tall plant (5'+), but it has maxed out at about 2'.

Arundinaria gigantea - not really dividing, more like attempting to control it. It's a native here.

Bambusa multiplex - sadly, this thing didn't like the heat. After 3 years of barely surviving, I'm giving up on Bambusa. Only a 1 quart size is all that is left.

Interested in

-- Thamnocalamus tessellatus - Berg

-- Indocalamus tessellatus -

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fredgpops(z9 N/ CA)

Interested in the P. owatarii. Have I. tessellatus. What size do you have? RGds

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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

Interested in Phyllostachys nigra. What variety of Bambusa multiplex is this?


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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

are messages not being reci=eived? I do not receive reply notices.

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mjtd(oh z5)

GREETINGS am interested in the nigra ,i had one of those lopsided bamboo trades going on since last spring,, like i sent my part ,, finally giving up as to my package ever arriving, got a e mail that trader was looking for a large box to send bamboo in ..so now looking for a trade if possible, currently i have canna tubers mix colors,some rooted jiant rabbit foot pussy willow rooted cuttings .every thing else under snow.. let me know.. if it is not of interest to you these items do you do postage?? pre paid of course GOD BLESS

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I would be very interested, I do not have bammboo to trade but do have several unusal type plants and trees. That would the perfect size!

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Just an update...

Both F. rufa and B. multiplex are gone.

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do you have any tospare , would love to try my hand at some bamboo wanted some for very long time . see if i have anything to trade for one of yours . thank you .......

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jerry_nc(7b NC)

Hi there,

Do you have any of the nigra left? I love dark colored plants and really would love to have tall varieties for my yard. It looks like we are not that far from one another, I'm in Zone 7b/near 8.....might want to do a meet out trade? If I don't have anything you are interested in.....let me know and maybe we can work out postage?

Thanks and I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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Just starting out in the dallas area.
If you have any left overs that you would like to give to a new home mt email address is fraserbest@gmail.com

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Interested in the P. Nigra. Don't have anything to trade unless my MOSO seedlings take off but will pay you.

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dustin_nevadanorth(z5 NV)

Interested in Phyllostachys nigra. Bummer about F.rufa. Dont have bamboo to trade but check out my trade list. Thanks.

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