using old carpet as mulch for my veggie garden. Good or bad idea

greendesertMarch 11, 2010

I have some old carpet that I was about to throw away, but I just thought that it might work as mulch to preserve moisture if I cut it in strips and place it upside down between rows in the veggie garden. I can't see why it would not work here. especially in the middle of summer. should help keep the soil from drying out.

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it works really well as a weed block.

Make paths out of it too.

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sparklynnrose(Tempe / 8ish)

Is there any concern with chemicals leaching out of the carpet? God only knows what it's made of.

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DrynDusty(z8 AZ)

One way to tell if the carpet is wool or synthetic is to burn a few fibers. If it burns cleanly, it's likely wool, if it forms an ooze and smells bad, it's synthetic of some kind and won't decompose well. It could probably make an effective walkway still.

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