Potted Lemon Needs help!!

isabellatMarch 3, 2009

I live in Arizona so citrus is usually very happy here. I potted a dwarf lemon so we could bring it around with us when we move. I can never really get great advice on how to care for it regularly. It is about 3 years old. Last spring I finally saw about 4 flowers on it and 2 of them turned to small fruit in which eventually feel off before growing any larger. The tree now has a lot of the leaves turning yellow it starts with a pattern of yellow and then most of the leaf turns. The tree isn't totally covered in yellow leafs but it defiantly looks sad. Any suggestions would be great. I use a citrus fertilizer ever 2 months from Memorial Day to Labor Day. When should I repot it? I would love to see it thrive and have an abundance of lemons. WhatÂs the secret to happy citrus?? I have the info on the fertilizer. Citrus organic fertilizer:


Nitrogen 6%

Phosphate 2%

Potash 6%

Iron .52%

I applied about 12 oz. cup and a half and watered for a while.

I was told not to fertilize from oct- feb so I held off the past few months. Like I said before it seems every nursery I turn to seems to have different opinions and only be product concerned. The tree just budded a dozen or so flowers on it which seems promising but looking at the leaves I know there is something missing here.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Pull the root ball from the pot, if the roots are circling then its time to repot. Cut and remove any circling roots before repotting. You did not mention pot size or outdoor location. The latter is important to know. If the plant is actively growing from March on then you should be fertilizing from then on since the available nutrients are limited to the pot size.

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