tomato plants have crazy maze like patterns on leafs

butcher_boyMarch 10, 2009

Anybody know what this might be?

a few of my plants seem to have these crazy maze looking marks on the leafs.

I checked my tomato book and it looks like it might be leafminers?

the books says to use a pesticide... well what pesticide?

what is a good pesticide to use on vegetables you are going to eat?

argh.. tomatoes are like children always getting into trouble :P

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lva57(Z13 Phoenix, AZ)

Hi! For years I've used neem oil mixed w/ water as a safe, natural pesticide for any plant. I have a graddaughter & pets that play in the yard, so this is very safe since neem oil is derived from a plant. I use it on my tomato plants & edible herbs. You can get neem oil at an Indian or Asian store. I usually mix 1 part neem with 5-6 parts water to start; you can adjust this according to the results you get. Use a heavy duty spray bottle as the mixture may be a little heavy & shake the mixture often as you apply. Spray the soil as well to kill any eggs or larvae that may be nested there. And spray in the evening or very late afternoon - don't spray during the day when the sun is out or your plants may fry. It has a strong, smoky scent which disappears the day after you spray it on the plants. I've always had great success with this neem oil mixture, plus as an added bonus, it's inexpensive as well!

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