Surprise Seeds!

dondelduxMarch 20, 2013

Well I got a real surprise when I opened my shriveled Surprise (Maguires) x papilio seedpods that I thought were a goner! About a week ago I opened the first shriveled pod and the seeds were all gray and mushy. I left the second pod on about a week or 10 days longer and decided yesterday was the day. Was I surprised when this pod was full of brown to light brown seeds all with visible embryos! The seeds were so small that they were sticking to my fingers so I just threw the whole lot in water and will clean out the chaff today. Now I have in the past germinated brown seeds successfully but, not this light a color brown. So I'll be happy if a few of them survive but won't be surprised if they all turn to mush. Truthfully, I don't really know how far along these were but given another week or so they might have looked better. I guess I should have waited a bit longer...

...and my Giraffe finally bloomed with only three flowers after waiting 2 years! No markings to speak of but the flowers were cute so, out came what's left of my papilio pollen and voila! The largest pod is only 5/16 of an inch, though they look larger in the picture, I think only one is viable.

Thanks for looking,


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I'm surprised your Graffiti didn't have more red markings. Am I seeing a red picotee edge on that bloom thought (oooh la la!)? I hope you get some viable seed from your Graffiti and papilio cross!

Unless Graffiti surprises me with a late summer bloom, I'm going to have to wait to see what mine look like. I bought 3 bulbs during the winter of 2011... I gave one to my mom and kept two. Of the two I kept, one grew a few pathetic leaves but never really took off and the other keeps producing lots of offsets but won't grow. The one with offsets had rot set in this past winter... it looks like water got into the neck and now it's a funky misshapen bowl of a bulb! I bought another Graffiti around January of this year... determined to see those lovely blooms. When I potted that bulb up, it slipped out of my gloved hand and the one and only scape broke off! I have a Graffiti curse! -Tina

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When I first bought my Graffiti it did bloom with better markings but not like other pictures I've seen. I too think I have the Graffiti curse. MIne is still a small bulb although it has grown sufficient leaves for the last 3 years and has an offset or two. I particularly liked the shape of mine this year though as it was very papilio like with it's curves. I probably wouldn't try another if this one decides to leave me but it is healthy. I must be doing something wrong!...I seem to have trouble with some of the smaller bulbs like this..Santa Cruz being another.

Here is my Grafitti when it bloomed in March of 2010..better, but bot optimum. It was more yellow while this year it was decidedly green.


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I really like green flowers, so I actually like the green coloration of your bloom this year. Having more red would really make that bloom something more special though. I agree, the shape is quite pleasing as well!

If at some point your Graffiti "gives up the ghost", I assure you I have more than enough offsets and I could provide you with a new bulb! *smile* Let's hope we both get past our Graffiti curse! -Tina

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That's fantastic about the seeds! I hope at least some germinates for you. :)

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