Scapes...since Frank asked!...and icky freeze damage photos

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)March 12, 2011

Here are the scape photos Frank...see...not hiding anything.

OH>>>>>I would like to add that after a long season of growing outside in the summer and fall, when I moved these bulbs into the greenhouse they still had leaves. In late December when they still had leaves, but were "fading", I took a sharp knife and cut each neck, romoved all leaves, and dusted the neck with Captan. AND...soaked the knife in rubbing alcohol between bulbs. I'm thinking that the bulbs suffered no harm and the necks are nice and open to allow both scapes and leaves to grow unhampered (I hate it when the neck gets so narrow that the leaves are pinched or the scapes abort!).


And....really gross bulbs...

And...ending on a nice note: First official rebloom of the season!!

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Noni Morrison

Your freeze damage looks all too familiar, Kristi. Would that neither of us had had to deal with it!

What is your lovely pink one? It definitely looks like spring with that one :-)

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I LOVE your 'Sweet Lillian', it is by far one of my favorites! Check yours for a small fragrance, mine had a very sweet smell!


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Your Sweet Lillian is really beautiful and what a shame about the freeze damage..never have seen that before..I guess they're a gonner huh..but..look at all those wonderful buds..!!


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