Leucophyllum...which species?

psuperb1(9 Tucson)March 20, 2011

There is a very small Leucophyllum that started growing as a volunteer in front of my porch. I've watered it now and then. It's now 5" x 5". I'd like to keep it but am wondering how big a plant it will be at maturity. Can anyone tell me which species of Leucophyllum this is from pictures below? I've had no luck finding a bush in neighborhood from whence it began. My guess is there may have been a Leucophyllum seed in a packet of annuals I planted last spring.

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Sorry to say that it is probably not a Leucophyllum. The leaves look too "lanceolate/linear" and QUITE tomentose :)

Reminds me of Stachys a little but obviously with smaller leaves.

I have no idea what that plant is, i have a volunteer of this as well that i am waiting to see bloom. Have a feeling it is nothing spectacular. Probably a weed of some sort.

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