HAVE: Ph. Aureosulcata (Yellow Groove Bamboo)

bambookid524April 29, 2008

I have a ton of small divisions from a huge Yellow Groove grove. They range from 6 in. to nearly 4 ft. They don't have the biggest root balls but they will live, i've been taking divisions from the same grove for the last two weeks and all divisions have lived with just a small bit of leaf curl.

Just tell me what size you want and what you are willing to offer.


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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

Can you send me a few picks? you have my email already... possibly sending you seeds...remember? :-)

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Yeah, sure. I will be heading out to the grove tomorrow with a spade to get some more divisions with better size rootballs, i will get you some pics while i'm there.

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Here are some of the pics of the earlier divisions with small rootballs. The leaves are curled because of the lack of a big enough root system but the roots quickly filled in. The plant are still alive and doing fine but these ones aren't for trade. I will be getting some with big nice rootballs so there is not a chance of anything going wrong with the plants. Unless of course you want these ones over nicer divisions :-)

Like i said. These aren't the ones you will recieve if we trade. Yours will be much greener and better looking, these ones were and experiment to see if they would live if i just yanked them up out of the ground.

I will post the pics I take tomorrow of the ones that are up for trade.


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