HAVE: Have to trade in Oregon

rodgerdodgerMay 12, 2008

5 and 10 gallon Nuda, Spectabilis, Fargesia sp. Rufa, Pseudosasa Japonica, Nigra, and yellow groove. I live near Portland.

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I have some moso. PM me if you want to trade.

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I know nothing about bamboo but love it. I live in the Seattle area but will be going to Portland fairly soon. Are any of your bamboos broad leaf? I am desperately trying to find (even a little) some. I trust I can find something in my garden for you--fairly easy since we are in the same zone. Thanks

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ccckoball(z 8)

Hi Rodgerdoger! Hey, do you have any idea what variety of nigra it is that you have? I'm interested in some spectabilis, & some nigra as well. I have nice sized clumps (Ht 6-9 ft.)of bamboo whose culms are similar to Koi (close node growth near the base) but the culms are green rather than yellow. Do you have any idea what mine would be? I'm always looking for a good excuse to get down to portland from seattle!

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I think you have phyllostachys Aurea. The have compressed node near the bottom on a lot of their culms.

Search it and look at the lower nodes. I think that is what you have.

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ccckoball(z 8)

thanks, bambookid, I think you may have nailed it! It has glaucous coloration at the nodes as well. Handsome stuff...I have no idea how 'desireable' vs. plebean it is, but if you are interested in some for trade, I'd be up for it.

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