HAVE: Bamboos for trade

cmontrossMay 28, 2007

I have stabilized divisions of the following varieties available for trade. I am primarily interested in trade for bamboos I don't have, but may consider trades for a few select types of plants like cold hardy palms, cold hardy bananas(no basjoo), named cold hardy taro, cold hardy colored water lilies, lotus, named japanese maples.

Ph. nigra-smalls

Ph. n. henon-mixed sizes

Ph. aureosulcata-mixed sizes

Ph. viridis-med

Ph. aurea- med-lrg

Sasa veitchii-small

Sasa palmata-sm-med

Pl. viridistriatus-very small

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nomadh(10-11/so cal)

Hello. I'm looking for the yellow groove and veitchii boos.
I have a number of pond plants including hardy water lillies.
I have think I have a peach (need to check the name)or possibly arc en ciel (best leaves in a hardy lily). I also have dwarf waterlilies. I also have a large banana tree that did well in our very cold ( for us) winter . We are in So. Cal. inland in a cold spot so we were getting into the teens. I think thats very hardy for a banana. I also have other various dwarf pond plants such as cattail, papyrus and umbrella.
Please let me know what you would like.
Ph. aureosulcata
Sasa veitchii

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I have sago palm pups, and an unknown variety of banana that grows to about 14' tall. I am quite sure the banana would make it in your zone. I am between 8b and 9a. The stalks are killed back by frost but they come back bigger every year and multiply. Or check my list. I am also sending you an e-mail. If you try to e-mail me through GW, please post here also. I often do not recieve mail that is sent through GW.

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southlatropical-I sent you an email, let me know if you get it.

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Still have several bamboos available. Also have small new divisions of H.tranquillans and S.y.kimmei.

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Hi Chris,
We traded back in June. I sent you the sagos, bananas, and cannas. How are they doing? The p.nigra you sent is already sending up new shoots. I have another unidentified banana that grows to about 6' tall. And I have some extra canna "red russian" (second picture). I could use some more of the p. nigra if you are interested.

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thg1(z6 KY)

I am interested in a staet of Ph. Nigra. I have many varities of named hardy Waterlilies. I have white, red, pink, yellow and sammon. I have a number of diffferent ones in each coler. Tell me what you are looking for or give me a color and I will recomend a variety.


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Still have plenty of bamboo divisions to trade.

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Updated list. Still have some of each of the above, but have added the following:
1 Semiarundinaria yashade 'kimmei'
1 Sasa sinensis
1 Ph.mannii
3 Bambusa multiplex 'tiny fern'

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sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)

Hi Chris,
I have Bletilla striata and B. striata 'Alba' to trade (hardy Chinese ground orchids), Fargesia nitida seedlings (2 y.o. seedlings in gallon pots), 3 year old windmill palm seedlings (Trachycarpus fortunei), Gunnera manicata in gallon pots, and probably some other things of interest. I'd like 'boos that would do well in zone 8 Western WA. Suggestions and/or trade?


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frederico(Zone 7, NJ)

Any bamboos left?

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I am pretty much finished trading for the season unless you have some boo that I have to have.

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frederico(Zone 7, NJ)

Hi Chris, here is a list of what I have. If there is anything you are interested in, perhaps we could trade in the spring, if it is too late this season:

Phyllostachys glauca 'Yunzhu'
Bambusa multiplex 'Golden Goddess' (hardy to 12 degrees)
Indocalamus tessellatus
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'
Sasa kuritensis 'Shimofuri'
Semiarundinaria 'Makinoi'
Semiarundinaria yashadake 'Kimmei'
Semiarundinaria yamadori 'Brimscombe'
Pleioblastus variegata 'Dwarf White Stripe'
Pleioblastus distichus 'Dwarf Fern Leaf' (hardy to 5 degrees)
Phyllostachys vivax
Pleioblastus pygmaeus 'Pygmy' (hardy to 5 degrees)
Pleioblastus viridistratus 'Dwarf Greenstripe'
Phyllostachys rubromarginata
Bambusa (tuldoides) ventricosa [Buddha Belly]
Sasa veitchii
Phyllostachys heterocalda [water bamboo]
Phyllostachys nigra
Hibanobambusa tranquilans 'Shiroshima'

Emails from GW often do not go through, you can email direct at

secrethostatradeAThotmail.com [replacing AT with @]


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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

Hi, I have cold hardy Palms - Windmill and other boo on my list. Take a look.

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Would like to acquire some of your bamboo. Please look at my trade list and see if anything I have is of interest to you, I would be most grateful!


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I know this is bamboo for bamboo swap, but would you consider a green leaf Japanese maple (great fall colors) or any of the plants listed on the following site? If so, let's make a fair trade. Thank you in advance.


Here is a link that might be useful: Plant trade

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